Reaching Entropy

I'm Alice and I am a TV and music addict and I don't plan on quitting :D. My greatest dream is to become a successful opera singer one day. My greatest goal is to be human.

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There are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to know that it really is a mistake is to make that mistake and go, “Yup, that was a mistake”. So really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because then you’ll go about your whole life not knowing whether it was a mistake or not.

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Kids, in 2012 your uncle Marshall joined the muppets…


Kids, in 2012 your uncle Marshall joined the muppets…

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Lana Del Rey is amazing!

Her new song “Young and Beautiful” is so captivating.  This song is like a drug: it pains me just enough to make me hurt and it numbs my pain just enough like it simultaneously.  It’s so bittersweet.  Talk about genius.  The fact that humans, even with all the silly and stupid decision, are able to express and identify complicated feelings whether they have experienced it or not.  For example, how one can watch a movie and immediately create an emotional attachment and suffer heartbreak (even the least possible amount) even if one hasn’t experienced what “love” is, is a truly beautiful and so human; human in the sense how one can be vulnerable yet so strong,  All that I wish is for others to be able to feel a shred of what I feel through this song…

"The Sea"

I don’t know if anyone knows Amber Giron but her song “The Sea” never tires me.  Yes, it’s sad, yes, it’s not a pick-me-up song…but it’s JUST the song that always explains life for me sometimes.  So if anyone wants to just get away from their life or their troubles just listen to this song.  :)